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New York 10021, USA
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Host An Event

At As One we are passionate about hosting events to an exceptional standard.
We have been fortunate enough to host some of the most special experiences in Dublin,
and we can work with you to create more.

Primark's Product Launch

We have dedicated spaces to suit your needs. A major factor our clients love is the aesthetics of our space. With a minimal look, we host all types of events with bespoke feels to give you exactly what you are looking for. As One can tailor to your needs. As you can see from our previous events, you could have an event with 5 people or 200 people standing but what we have learnt is, working closing with you needs attention to detail and we bring this in abundance.


While our space offers incredible events and celebrations of all types, we love to work with clients to create special occasions such as weddings. This is a remarkable occasion and we offer bespoke packages to suit your needs. As One is the perfect location for hosting an event or private hire. Think of As One as yours to mould. A haven of moving, creating, thinking and living better.



At As One, visual experiences has become something we are renowned for. While creating a space to breathe calmness into our customers, we have been blessed to be part of unique experiences in hosting film productions and photo shoots that have given us some of our best memories in our time in As One.


Some of the brands we've worked with