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Our Pillars to a Regenerative Business

At As One, we work towards creating a better future through how we run our business. Our mission is to give back and help society rather than take from it. We reinvented how business practises are conducted which you can see through our pillars below.
Some sustainably run businesses merely seek to reduce their ecological footprint, whereas, as a regenerative business we boldly seek to increase our socio ecological handprint by restoring the health of individuals, communities, and the planet. In doing this, we have a much greater impact than our sustainability focused peers.
This is possible through collaborations. We have partnered with many local artisans, craftsmen, small scale producers and ethically run businesses to create an environment which supports local and sustainable products as much as we possibly can.

Our food system


While eating with us, you’re creating change. Food brings people together to create and strengthens communities, first around the table, but also whole communities of farmers, growers, and makers around the country. We deserve to eat the best food we can, that is why we are creating our own food system, a better system. All our efforts and time are put into giving you the best experience possible, that is why, how our produce is sourced is so important to how we grow as a community.

The worrying part is that cheap food costs us more than we think. When purchasing cheap processed food that are made to seem value less and disposable, this lack of worth means we typically waste 20-50% of the food we buy. What’s more, better farmed, organic foods costs about 20-50% more than their industry ‘peers’.

This means that stopping to think about the food we really love, buying less but better quality, will satiate, satisfy, and bring pleasure without necessarily costing us a thing. Even by eating every part of a vegetable you are implementing a closed loop system.

Low prices show the neglect of people for the environment. When purchasing cheap food there is a hidden cost mainly because of pollution, soil and biodiversity loss and health impacts of the conventional food system. When we change our way of thinking, the real prices will start to become more affordable. The collective impact of our actions should not be underestimated.


Ethical growing techniques | practises

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As we search for a better As One each day we strive to learn more about our growers and what we can do to create a better dish for you. We continue to learn about the practice of traditional growing methods that preserve the cultural artistry of our grower’s region. We focus on how our farmers and growers get to their end goal.

While researching areas like seed selections and soil regeneration will adjust, to what is necessary throughout time but the process of why this it is very important to how the crop arrives on our plate. Selection of heritage varieties for flavour, not yield or shelf life. Saving own seeds year on year from their best performing plants for future crops.

How does our sourcing help?

The benefits are multifaceted and nurturing, enriching our lives and the lives of others with better nutrition, strengthened communities and the pleasure of good food. Our actions matter!

The aspects we of growing that we find crucial to our system include;

Free from Chemicals & Pesticides | Crop Rotation | Healthy Soil | Biodiversity | Growing Techniques | Water Quality | Energy | Animal Welfare – Living Space & Feed.

Support better farming

veg (1)

We want to show respect to the produce once it arrives in As One as we understand the work involved in growing and nourishing a crop. Respect from the moment the seed is planted to when the ingredient arrives on your plate. Their practises draw us in, their produce is what makes As One flourish.

‘Seasonal foods’ refers to produce grown locally or within a certain radius without extensive inputs. Visiting our growers inspires us to explore the full diversity of ingredients a farm has to offer, increasing the number of plant species we consume.

It is important to know your farmer as if produce grown in a wasteful manner, excessive energy, chemicals can be just as harmful as grown in a heated greenhouse.

#organicseasonality – this is the only way.

Our actions matters more than we may think.



We want to support biodiversity, which is defined as the ‘variety of life’, and this starts by knowing our farmers and building relationships with our growers. When you have high quality organic produce that is bursting with flavour, it is questionable how much you should interfere with its natural qualities. Ingredients that are fresh and taste as they truly should, full of life and the love that went into producing them.

When we eat the food we love, we absorb more nutrition from it. We also engage with its true value, learning about flavour, culture, origin and much more. We are in a time to stop and consider the bigger picture of how the wonderful food arrives on our plates.

This will help discover flavoursome ways of eating.

Produce No Waste


As One is a restaurant designed from back to front, always with the bin in mind. A collective shift towards better food and less waste such as the one we are now implementing is how positive change comes about. What is more, the solution of food waste is easy; celebrate good food. By caring about what we eat and buying good food from environmentally sound shops, farmers, and restaurants, we support a system that truly values food and resources reduction.
By reducing waste and composting what we cannot eat we create change, and this is achieving a closed loop system. The production of waste has been eliminated by simply choosing to trade directly with growers, using re-usable vessels and choosing local ingredients that themselves generate no waste.

We choose to work like this to deliver delicious natural food, whilst demonstrating that a sustainable food business is financially viable. That way, we can encourage that growth of other waste free businesses through collaboration, but also simply by demonstrating that it is possible, and it is making a difference!

Plastic Free

no plastic

While creating a sustainable business we focus on our natural resources and how to improve them. Our aim is to remove all plastic from our space. Not only are we been able to eliminate plastic from As One, but we are
also working together with our growers to create better.

This comes with an enormous amount of effort as a collective, but it is possible. Waste happens but it does not mean it is welcome! The truth is, we do not need more information as we already have more information than we could ever need. What we really need today is to start taking action.

Everything you see in As One is a step towards a more sustainable solution.

While working with Down to Earth Materials we offer our customers the opportunity to join us in our efforts to reduce waste. All our packaging is 100% certified compostable and we provide a bin outside our space
for our customers to use.

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