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food with purpose

As One started through the love of real food. A knowledge of giving people an innovative way of eating whilst demonstrating respect: respect for the environment, for the way food is grown and for the nourishment given to our bodies. We delve further into the process and here is why; how you feed your body matters, for how you live, and how we live as a collective.

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Food to get you Moving. Thinking. Creating. Living.

With each mouthful, giving you an amazing insight into enjoying the experience of As One. You can taste the pure ingredient sourced by root to plate and how we have given it respect and love, in bringing that to you. Creating a dish full of variety using real ingredients as opposed to processed foods which will leave you sluggish and lack motivation and this is our mission to educate customers about the benefits of real food. By creating everything on site from its wholest form we can capture real food, and real food tastes better. Your body will thank you.


While we follow our strict beliefs on sourcing, we are proud to serve our customers knowing they will feel the benefits after eating in As One. Whilst knowing they have supported local growers and have joined a community in making a difference, not just to themselves and their bodies but to the environment and our growers who are the ones who are doing all of the work to make this possible. 

We give you trust and transparency. It is very satisfying to know that the effort we go to by strictly following our ethos from the start of the process to the end is making a difference – a very important point for us to reach!

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